Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gonzalez boys, Mommy & other random shots

This is just an assortment of random shots of my 2 favorite midgets, the wifey, some friends visiting the baby & whatever else I decide to shoot and put on my blog on any given day! Enjoy.

After the baby it was off to the vineyards!

So after 9 grueling months of carrying around my newest super baby, mommy wanted to have a well deserved drink. She earned it by the way since advanced baby 2000 came fast and didn't give her a chance to have an epidural .Ouch! Anyway, we got in some wine tasting , enjoyed the sculptures placed all around the grounds, escaped a camaro driving granny and enjoyed the best day of the week so far. Thanks to Buckingham Valley Vineyards for letting me take a few snaps of there awesome grounds. We will be back.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Music Video to a PhotoShoot

Yes, I also do music videos and videography to go along with my passion for photography so when I found myself with AB EL EVANJELISTA In some grimy graffiti area and colors looking so awesome, well , I had to start shooting some pics. He was a good sport about it even though it was COLD. The video should be done in a few weeks but here are some shots that I wanted to share.


Miguel Angel
Diamond Street Film & Photography

Introducing...Chase Angel Gonzalez (and company)

So,  if you havent had the privlege of hanging around me lately, haha, you might not have known that I was having another super midget. Well , he came around 9 days early. It wasnt pretty because I couldnt hide this time around and I saw it all.... I mean , I saw it ALL.  Anyways, that's my own nightmare, so without further adieu & in the words of Jay-z .."Allow me to re-introduce myself , my name is ..CHASE!"  (with an appearance from a few other cast members except for daddy because he’s the photographer )