About Me

Who is Miguel Angel? Well , thats the million dollar question.  He was born on krypton, the son of jorel....no wait, thats superman. lol. Miguel Angel is just the man behind the camera who is extremely passionate about photography and making sure I project emotion & art through the eye of the lens. I love what I do and it shows when you meet me. When you hire a photographer, you gotta believe this is the person who will deliver the moments that last a lifetime and thats exactly what I set out to do everytime you hear the *click* of the camera . My next client is my only client and you can rest assure I am focused on delivering something you will be able to look back on for years and smile, cry, laugh and just plain remember like it was yesterday. I have studied under the best wedding photographers in PA and I am now ready to make my mark. Let me do that for you.

If you appreciate my photojournalistic style of wedding photography then give me a call & lets make memories that will last forever.

Miguel Angel