"MIGUEL, MIGUEL, MIGUEL WE LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR US. Who says that doing things at the last minute rarely works out! So the story goes...my now husband and I decided to have a small wedding ceremony in our pastor's office with just a few family and friends attending, then decided we wanted photos to remember our blessed day. I remember saying to myself, "Lord, please allow me to find someone who can work with our budget and also be an awesome photographer". So as I began my search, which wasn't a long one, I noticed Miguel's ad. He seemed genuine in explaining how he works in the ad without me even talking or meeting with him, so I called. Miguel answered and was very friendly and I immediately could tell that he was the one to go with, "THANK YOU GOD". I also explained to Miguel that I am 6 mos. pregnant and was nervous of how that photos would turn out. He said to me and I quote, "Don't worry about it, I got you". So I chuckled to myself and said he's a keeper. So our BIG day is here and Miguel was at the church before we were camera in hand ready to shoot. I suppose the pastor running late was good because it gave Miguel a chance to get some "intimate in the moment shots" which turned out to be perfect for the slideshow. After the wedding ceremony, we headed out to the park and I must say that Miguel was in his element. We really enjoyed his vision of how he saw the simplest poses and beautiful sky to be captured. So now we're waiting for the CD to come to the house, which only took a few days, and I'm saying to myself, "I sure hope I look ok, I hope I don't look too fat". And finally, they're here and I'm jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas day. My husband pops the CD in and it was all over for me. I broke down and cried like a baby and I think because I didn't cry on my wedding day it was all a big messy build up of tears. The slideshow was so beautiful and touching that I called Miguel while I was watching it and I think I scared him a little bit because I sounded like a wounded moose. But all jokes aside, Miguel you're the best and everyone looked so nice. I pray that GOD continue to work through your eyes and also allow for your business to flourish and prosper. You're a good man, a people person, dependable, reliable and I'm gonna make certain that I tell everyone about you. Miguel you really made the rest of our lives together memorable.