Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And so it begins..My career as a Flasher!

Well not "that" kind of flasher. The day started out by me being invited to attend the 2nd workshop where my wife is learning the craft & I just tag along to pick the brain of Mike & Melissa any time I can .  Mike then invites me (somewhat) to an off camera flash session where we get to shoot the lovely Melissa Mcmanus and her new dress from China. I also finally get to meet my nemesis Tom Pappa ( ) just kidding Tom, and after arriving late because no one knew where they were at, I get thrown into the fire as mike instructs me to start shooting..arghh.. Anyway, being my 1st real encounter with off camera flash I proceed to not take advantage of the environment we were at and turn it into a potrait session!?!? What the heck was wrong with me? I still think I got some nice shots but I learned a lesson & it will never happen again..
I think..

Enjoy & once again, thanks to Mike, Melissa and Tom for inviting me & I hope to shoot with you guys some more in the future.

The 1st 3 shots are natural light.The rest are off camera flash.

              Gotta love rim light. I was gonna make it black & white but Mike beat me to it so I left it color.
 Just love the color of the graffiti mixed with her skin & dress.

                                 Probably my favorite shot. I just like it.

         Another favorite. Just something about it.

Thats all she wrote! Look out for more off camera flash where I will take advantage of the surroundings!


  1. I was excited to see these b/c i knew you got some great stuff. Awesome work Miguel! Seriously bro. Great shooting with you, hope to do it again.

  2. (Melissa speaking)You did good. It's really amazing to see the different perspectives of each of you.